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He wants to [__] cross, my heart! Okay, can you at least close your eyes, I’m little nervous all right. He wants to [__], okay, you can open your eyes, even though I’m still not too sure about this they’re nice. Okay. How long do I have to be like this just long enough for me to actually some questions, maybe put you to test a little like hey, I’m the one asking the questions.

Okay, she is silent. You can see she’s slightly shivering, whether that be from the cold or nervousness you have no clue. So what is your name and why you are looking for [__], we 69. Well, my name is Captain. I work for a search party.

There SSC wanted me to find [__] boy 69 to make sure he was alive all right. What is the SSD slang? Some spider creeper? I think I know that it’s another organization coming by comprised of three members who are these members. It is all this really necessary, I’m starting to get really cold.

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Date: March 20, 2021