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But even that that’s a massive group When you’re actually working on Cicada, you pick the few people. You know you’re good at working with, because you’re really gon na be doing this at insanely fast pace, And you also need to be sure you can trust that if they make a discovery, they’re not just gon na run off without you that sort of thing
You get this step in 2013. Every time you take another piece of it off, there’s just more and more complexity. You get this link, it takes you to this DropBox, It’s just the DropBox links to a file and there’s no extension on the file. It ends up. Being this disk image,
So what you would do is boot from that, instead of your operating system, It’s an operating system on its own, so it’s sort of like the Cicada OS that you’re loading into on your computer, which is actually kind of terrifying.

Its got the whole Linux file structure Dig around in there and that’s where the song first comes from just sitting in one of the temp folders. It was called 761
Mp3, If you start looking into all the different tags on it, it was called “. The Instar Emergence, .”, (, guitar, music, ) Kind of classical guitar at first and then starts kind of getting weirder and weirder (guitar music, ). Theres this unique, composed piece of music just for the few people would ever find it on this disk. The further we went into the puzzle, the more obscure the clues became

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Date: April 1, 2021
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