Relationships Vs Casual Sex: Which is Better for You?

It is natural to want different things at different stages in your life.  For example, if you have just started a new job you are unlikely to be ready for a promotion.  If you are over forty you might not want to go out clubbing every night.  The same can be said for relationships and casual sex.  You are likely to prefer one or the other at different points in your life.  How do you decide which one is better for you?



Emotions can play a big part in your decision on whether you want to be in a relationship or enjoy casual sex.  If you have recently gone through a breakup you might decide that you really need to let off some steam before getting involved with anyone new.  Casual sex can be a great way to do this as it will give you back some of the confidence you may have lost during the breakup, as well as helping you decide what you want or don’t want from a relationship in the future.

If your breakup happened some time ago you may find that you are emotionally ready to get back into a relationship again.  Think about what you miss the most about being with someone.  If it is mostly about the sex, then a casual relationship might still be better for you.  However, if you find you miss the companionship and the late-night talking and cuddling up then a relationship might be the right option. After all, it might work out expensive to sit up all night chatting to an escort.


The relationship vs casual sex question can often come down to a matter of  priorities. For example, if you need to stay focused on that big promotion or you know you are going to be leaving town to start a new job soon then getting into a relationship might not be the best option for you.  The need to compartmentalise your life and stay focused may lead you to decide that casual sex is a better option for you at a given time.

Relationships have a tendency to spill over into other aspects of your life such as eating into time you could be spending on your career or friends.  It is a great idea to keep things casual if you have other priorities and feel you will miss out on them by getting into a relationship.  However, if you feel that the relationship will help to enhance your life then it may be time to consider settling down.


We can often want one thing and be offered another.  If you have your heart set on a long-term relationship, this is not going to alter your desire for sex, and it may be that you find one while you are looking for the other.  We all have needs and desires that we want to be fulfilled and there is no harm in enjoying casual sex while you are waiting for true love.

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Getting What You Want

You may feel that you are more likely to get what you want from sex if you are in a relationship, but that is not always the case.  If you live with someone you will often have a playmate for sex, but what if they are not in the mood for it?  They might be tired, have a headache, or be working late.  These are all factors that get in the way of you having great sex on tap.  Sometimes googling escort services is just plain easier.

Sex is likely to be better in a long-term relationship as you both know what the other person likes.  There is no awkward bumping and grinding as you try to work out what they want you to do next and it can feel a lot more comfortable with someone you have a deeper connection to.  You can often get into a rut though and end up doing the same thing in the same order every time, which can get monotonous.  Make some effort to mix it up a little if you have been together for a while, and don’t be afraid to ask for something new if you want it.


Contraception can play an important part in your decision on whether to have a relationship or casual sex.  Safe sex is important, especially when you are having casual sex as you don’t know as much about the sexual history of your partner.  You could be left with more than just a smile on your face if you don’t use a condom, and it is just not worth taking the risk of catching a disease that you could then pass on to someone else.


That said, many guys hate wearing condoms and it has been said that they feel like ‘wearing a sock in the bath.’ If you are someone who feels that putting on a condom ruins the experience for you then it might be better for you to stick to longer-term relationships.  That way, you have more chance of knowing your partner’s sexual health history and you can make a decision not to have multiple partners while you are together, which makes you safer still.  It is still a good idea to wear condoms when you first get together though, and you will need to take steps to avoid unwanted pregnancies with an alternative method of contraception.

Ultimately, the relationship vs safe sex debate is a personal choice.  Only you can decide what feels right for you at any given time.  Always do what is best for you and be open and honest with any partner about the sort of relationship you expect to have.